Waterfall Modern Outdoor Shower

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After sauna or after the beach, an outdoor shower can make all the difference for helping you refresh after a long day outside.

Our waterfall showers are a modern and fun way to add that experience to your space. With a full 5 liters of cool water to drop onto your head they are a joy to experience. 

No more lifting heaving buckets over your head to cool down.

Design Details:

  • Wall Mounted and Free standing design options available.
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets for trusted long lasting support.
  • Standard 3/4 inch fittings to plug in any water source or hose to get you running easily.
  • Auto-fill float valve fills the water perfectly every time without you needing to add water or worry about over filling.
  • Custom shaped Richlite handle, with stainless steel chain for ergonomic water dropping ever time.

This just might be the most fun addition to the backyard since the lawn chair was invented.

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