The Great Lakes Cold Plunge

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Those living in the North have known the joy and value of a cool refreshing dip for centuries. A simple jump into a lake, perhaps in the mountains where the water is always cold. Or for the courageous, sawing a hole into the ice for a wintery polar plunge. 

If you’ve done it you know that you seldom feel more alive than after emerging from the cold water. 

Now our wellness communities are waking up to the value and therapy that comes with cold exposure. Cold plunging releases endorphins, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, builds resilience, and promotes overall well-being.

Yet, for many keeping water cold and clean is a chore. When you begin feeling the value of cold plunging you begin to crave it. Many even practice it daily. 

To cold plunge with regularity is an investment of your time and an investment in how many times you want to run and get ice to toss into it. 

We’ve solved that for you. If you want the value of cold plunging with the convenience of anytime access you’ll need The Great Lakes Cold Plunge. 


Design Options and Specifications:

  • Beautiful Reclaimed Cypress wood barrel construction.
  • Can be sized for 1 or 2 people.
  • Integrated chiller, filter, and ionizer to keep your water cold and clean.
  • Ergonomic designs with vertical plunge and horizontal options for easy of access.
  • Each plunge is made custom expect a 12 week lead-time for production prior to shipping.
  • Shipping throughout North America.
  • Recommended for outside use, or near floor drains.
  • Plugin ready with 110v power.
  • Includes removable insulated cover.

Built on the shores of Lake Superior, the coldest and largest body of freshwater. It is the natural headwaters for bringing cold plunge to the rest of North America. Take the plunge.

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